Why Early Childhood Education at a Mesa Preschool Will Help Your Children To Grow (Conclusion)


A Mesa preschool helps you to invest in your child’s future.

A New World Awaits your Child at Your Mesa Preschool | (480) 267-9419
A New World Awaits your Child at Your Mesa Preschool | (480) 267-9419

As we covered previously, early childhood education does have long term benefits for your child. Formal early childhood education is also superior to home-based education, especially for children whose parents lack the right parenting skills. If a child is reared by such parents, he or she may acquire their negative traits quite early, and this will slow down the social and moral development of such a child. Moreover, if you are experiencing spousal conflicts at home and you have a toddler in the house, then it is better to enroll the toddler into a daycare center so as not to expose him or her to family conflicts at such an early age.

Daycare in Mesa: Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education  at a daycare in Mesa also equips your child with the skills to fend off childhood depression. One of the causes of childhood depression is social withdrawal brought about by insufficient social interactions, which results from lack of socialization during the early stages of childhood development.

In the daycare center, your child will have an opportunity to interact with other children, and this will allow him or her to be less frightened, and be at ease, in familiar surroundings. This form of peer interaction equips your child with the skills necessary to deal with hostile peers later in life, and this drastically reduces the chance of your child becoming depressed.

Learning Through Play: An Important Part of an Early Childhood Education

Curiosity and imagination usually evokes the learning instinct in toddlers. Because the toddlers have not yet acquired proper reading and writing skills, they can only learn best through play. This is why learning through play is the primary focus of early childhood education. According to educationist and philosopher, Jean Piaget, learning through play meets the emotional, physical, social, language, and intellectual needs of your child. It also allows your child to freely express his or her imagination, as well as explore the limits of his or her curiosities. Therefore, your child acquires knowledge and skills more rapidly if he or she engages in dramatic play, social games, and art activities. This also allows your child to express their talents very early in life.
Neurodevelopment and Successful Adult Life
Additionally, learning through play allows your child to develop their neuro-coordination skills, and this plays a key role in the development of both gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Proper neurological development also allows your child to quickly develop cognitive skills. This explains why children who had early childhood education tend to perform better than their peers in high school and college. Better academic achievement also increased their chances of finding a better paying job later in life. Therefore, early childhood education lays the groundwork for a future successful (adult) life for your child.

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