Developing Social Skills in Preschoolers

Our Curriculum

At Kid’s Corner, helping your child develop social skills is every bit as important as academic development. We understand that these skills become the foundation for their continued education and success in life. Our curriculum includes social activities, role playing, and a nurturing environment lead by our skilled, Quality First-trained teachers.

What are social skills in early childhood?

What are social skills in early childhood? - Kid's Corner Preschool & Daycare

Developing these skills in early childhood builds the foundation needed for kids to truly advance in their educational development. While teaching these skills is integrated into everything we do at Kid’s Corner, they also learn these skills from adults and play-dates with other kids, even those at different ages.

Key social skills include:

  1. Communication and Conversation: Verbal, non-verbal and written communication, as well as conversation among children, prepares them to open up and explore concepts being taught.
  2. Cooperation and Sharing: Empathy is a crucial goal of social development, and learning to cooperate and share helps children build empathy.
  3. Problem Solving: Resolving conflict is the social part of problem solving.
  4. Self Control: When sharing, cooperation and communication can break down, and frustrations can take over. It’s important for children to learn self control in managing those emotions as well as absorbing the dynamics of a group.
  5. Curiosity: When children see each other playing and exploring, they develop a natural curiosity. Kids are curious, and a good social environment nurtures their curiosity.
  6. Listening: Learning to be an active listener as part of the social group.
  7. Manners: This goes back to empathy and cooperation, in the form of good manners,  a key social skill.

A well designed daycare and preschool curriculum will emphasize the development of these social skills as part of a well-rounded curriculum.

How do children learn the social skills?

How do children learn social skills - Kid's CornerThere are several aspects to helping your child develop social skills, and we recommend a holistic approach, incorporate several of these. These include:

  • Role Playing: When you bring children together in role playing, they have fun while pretending to be teachers, police, firefighters, business people, etc. As they do this, they naturally learn conflict resolution, communication, cooperation, problem solving, and many other skills.
  • Interactive Activities: Our curriculum is designed to bring children together and develop social skills through fun activities. As parents, you can build off of that by scheduling play dates with other children of all ages and backgrounds.
  • A Supportive Environment: Children need room to make mistakes, to experience the full range of emotions, and to learn along the way will the full support of adults and teachers.. Allowing children to express themselves in a safe, fun, supportive environment will encourage the social growth they need.

Your child will learn and grow here at Kid’s Corner.