Drop your child off at our drop-in daycare at Kids’ Corner Preschool.

Drop-in Daycare at Kids’ Corner

Drop-in Daycare in Mesa & Gilbert

Drop-in Daycare in Mesa & Gilbert

Drop-in daycare is a useful service that allows you to drop your child off at a licensed childcare facility on short notice. We all know that circumstances can change on a dime – whether it be due to an emergency, a previous childcare arrangement falling through, or an irregular work schedule. Whatever the case may be, drop-in daycare eliminates the stress and can allow you to find childcare the day that you need it with minimal advanced scheduling.

What does drop-in mean for daycare?

“Drop-in daycare” means that you can drop your child off with short notice and minimal scheduling while paying a “day rate.” Drop-in daycare can be used to schedule a one-time daycare visit weeks in advance, or even on a same-day basis in case of an emergency or sudden schedule change in certain circumstances.

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Drop-in Daycare in Mesa & Gilbert

When should a toddler go to daycare?

Drop-in daycare can be used in many different circumstances. Sometimes your usual childcare falls through – for instance, your babysitter or nanny gets sick – and you need to scramble to find a new plan. Some people work jobs with very irregular scheduling, which can make consistent daycare a struggle. Drop-in daycare is a great choice that alleviates the anxiety from these stress-inducing scenarios.

Daycare is a wonderful tool for toddlers at all developmental stages as they learn to navigate new environments and relationships with peers and unrelated adults. Kids’ Corner accepts children from 6 months of age to 12 years of age from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

Kids’ Corner offers drop-in daycare as well as full-day and part-day daycare services. We understand parents’ concerns when placing trust in those who watch after your children, and we pride ourselves on being a fun, safe, and educational environment in which children thrive. If you have any questions or want to schedule a tour of our facility, call us now.

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