Which curriculum is best for preschool?

Preschool is an incredibly important time for your child’s learning and development. In preschool, children learn not only the fundamentals of education but also begin to develop a sense of how the world works and how to communicate effectively with others. Preschoolers will learn counting, pre-math skills, and basic shapes; they’ll memorize the alphabet and enhance their fine- and gross-motor skills; and they’ll encounter for the first time the best way to get along with others in a structured environment. 

Choosing a Preschool Curriculum

There are many different preschool curriculums — so many that it might seem overwhelming trying to find the perfect one for your child. All of them come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and no one is right for every child’s learning style. Let’s go over a few of the most popular ones.

  • Interactive: Some methods use hands-on, interactive learning to teach children practical skills. The philosophy of this method claims that children learn best when given the right materials and the freedom to pursue education on their own. Thus, teachers in these classrooms often don’t “teach” in the traditional sense but rather encourage and help children individually.
  • Play-Based: Other curriculums rely on hands-on, play-based learning in a comfortable, home-like setting with predictable routines. It does not include any traditional academic methods and excludes any electronic learning (on computers or tablets). Children learn through traditional play, examples of practical tasks (cooking, cleaning, etc.), circle time that includes songs and games, and occasionally an outdoor recess period.
  • Creative Curriculum: The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, whole-child approach to learning that will help your child develop cognitive, math, literacy, communication, and physical skills to set them up for a lifetime of success. It utilizes exploration and discovery as a way for your children to learn, which will boost your children’s confidence and enable them to develop lifelong critical thinking skills. 

Why Creative Curriculum?

While all of these are excellent, the Creative Curriculum stands above the rest. It’s hands-on, free play-focused, and academically-inclined and -structured, which combines for a well-rounded and comprehensive education for your child. It’s also research-based and approved by teachers and parents all across the world. Children who learn under the Creative Curriculum widely exceed expectations.

Kid’s Corner applies the Creative Curriculum in to achieve the Early Learning Standards set forth by the Arizona Department of Education to help set your child up for success in entering Kindergarten and beyond.

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Our developmentally appropriate curriculum and programs are based on the nationally acclaimed creative curriculum designed to address the whole child – social, emotional, physical, and intellectual.