When to Use Drop-In Daycare


Drop-in daycare is a useful tool whenever you find yourself needing impromptu childcare. A few reasons why parents and guardians use drop-in daycare include:

  • The babysitter or nanny canceled: If you’ve got plans for a babysitter or nanny to watch your children and they cancel at the last minute, due to illness or an emergency, you might feel like you’re in a tight spot. Thankfully, with drop-in daycare, there’s no problem. Just drop your kids off and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your kids are in good hands and your plans are no longer ruined!
  • You work an irregular schedule: Not everyone has a job with set hours. If you’re likely to be called into work suddenly on a day off, or if your work hours are sporadic, drop-in daycare is a convenient option for procuring safe, reliable childcare in a quick time frame.
  • You need a break: We’ve all been there. There’s no shame in just needing a day – or a couple of hours – to yourself. If you can’t get a hold of a reliable babysitter, you may feel more comfortable dropping off your child at daycare so you can take a breather and refocus.

Drop-In Daycare During the Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted our entire world – and with it, our schedules. For many families, it’s no longer a simple matter of dropping your child off at daycare in the morning. Our work schedules – or our jobs themselves – have changed, and with that change comes new needs. Drop-in daycare eliminates the stress of needing to find on-the-spot childcare during these turbulent times. Kid’s Corner is here to help you and your family – whatever your schedules and needs are.

The Benefits of Drop-In Daycare

If you still need some more convincing of the benefits of drop-in daycare, read on:

  • Childcare On Your Schedule: Drop-in daycare is ideal for those with erratic schedules and those who need occasional childcare. You can drop your kids off with minimal scheduling beforehand. No more stressing over your babysitter canceling!
  • Your Kids Will Love It: At Kid’s Corner, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, warm, and fun environment. You’ll never have to worry about the safety of your child because they’re in the hands of friendly, qualified staff who will make sure your child is having fun – and learning – the entire time they’re here. 
  • It’s Reliable: With babysitters and nannies there’s always the possibility that they’ll need to call out or that something will happen, but drop-in daycare is available any time you need it. Our caretakers are trained, qualified, and always supervising to make sure your child is as safe and content as possible. 

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