What to Look For in a Daycare Center (Contd.)


A daycare center should always have ground rules in place.

Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419
Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419

The Rules a Daycare Center Should Have

As we covered in our previous article, your daycare center should always have clear rules in place to protect your kids.  On matters of strict sick child policies you also need to check which diseases will keep your child at home and for what period of time. A policy that’s too tough might be an inconvenience for you in case that your child gets ill, however good pre-K daycare centers cut down on illness by requiring employees and children to have regular checkups and immunizations.

If the center neither encourages parents to stop by unannounced nor has an open-door, it’s likely they have something to hide.A reliable pre-K center will always go beyond merely letting you in. Such a daycare center will invite you to accompany the children on field trips, help with activities, and become part of the center’s community.

A Good Early Childhood Education

A stimulating curriculum is also crucial for your child development. The best centers have structured scheduled that balance free time and quiet time with physical activities, individual activities, group programs, daily reading sessions, snacks and meals. Videos and TV should play a little part in daily activities. In case that videos are part of the curriculum you need to ensure that they are educational and age appropriate. A good curriculum will make daily life more fun, while stimulating your child’s development. The pre-K center should also have a wide range of age-appropriate toys that will stimulate imaginative and creative play and encourage your child’s development as well.

A well trained and qualified, caring staff is another important factor in selection a good daycare center. The employees should be well educated, with a background in early childhood development and at least two years of college. They also should have CPR, pediatric first aid, and other emergency training. Caregivers should be enthusiastic and responsible. Look for a pre-K center with staff who shares your philosophies on discipline, feeding, sleep, and other care issues. The daycare center should also be well staffed so all the children can gets the care and attention they need. For babies and toddlers the proper ratio isone for every four in case that a group has eight babies, or one caregiver for every three small children in case that a group has six infants.

Healthy food provided and clean, safe facilities are also important. A good center is sanitary, with clean kitchen area, bathrooms, walls, and walks. Trash should be regularly emptied, kitchens should be far from diaper changing stations and toilets, and the building should be adequately ventilated, lit, and heated.

By looking for these few criteria mentioned above you will be able to find a proper pre-K daycare center for your child.

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