What To Expect For Fall Preschool


The fall semester is here, and kids are getting ready to learn in the classroom again – or for the first time! Kids’ Corner has an excellent preschool program meant to help every child learn, have fun, and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. But what exactly do children learn in fall preschool? Kids’ Corner knows how important it is for parents to be in the know when it comes to their child’s education, so we have answers for you. 

What Do Preschoolers Learn in the Fall?

In addition to all the parts of a year-long, well-rounded education, autumn is the perfect time to learn about weather and the changing of the seasons. Witnessing the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground is an excellent way to showcase the different changes that happen in nature over the course of the year and begin to learn about the life cycles of plants and trees. 

Fall Activities to Learn About Autumn

Weather, seasons, and life cycles are an important part of preschool learning – and fun, educational activities that enable children to learn in an active, hands-on way are an important part of preschool learning. So what are some good fall activities for your children in preschool?

  • Arts and Crafts: Fun, educational arts and crafts projects are a fantastic way for young children to learn and develop motor skills. Children will draw, finger-paint, play with clay, and use nature to create pieces of autumnal-themed art they will joyfully and proudly bring home to you!
  • Books: There are so many wonderful picture books that celebrate the change from summer to autumn, and reading aloud to the class is an excellent, and fun, way to encourage patience and waiting your turn – not to mention the educational benefit of the books themselves.
  • Fall-Themed Activity Sheets: Activity sheets in preschool are a fun way to get kids to learn. They usually include things like coloring, matching, and tracing. In the fall, these often center around pumpkins and trees. 

These activities are just a few examples of what your child will be doing in the preschool classroom during the fall. At Kids’ Corner, we strive to teach children essential life, social, and cognitive skills, while also ensuring that they are having fun while learning! Playing games, doing arts and crafts, and reading aloud are some of the best ways to achieve these goals in preschool.

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