What to Ask When Choosing a Daycare Center

Picking the right daycare center is important. After all, you’re protecting someone very valuable: your kids.

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Your Preschool in Gilbert | (480) 267-9427

The Need for Reliable Childcare

Though young infants need a lot of care, busy parents often have no choice but to turn to daycare providers.

Choosing a daycare center for your child is tough. After all, you are putting the life of your child in the hands of others, even if it is only for a few hours. The good news is that you do not need to fret if you follow this checklist of questions.

A. What to ask when choosing a daycare center

1. Are the caregivers dedicated and loving?

To start, watch for dedicated and loving staff. Committed staff would play with children on the floor, or cradle crying ones.

It is important that caregivers are warm and responsive, as young infants need consistent care and attention.

2. Can caregivers commit?

Babies need to form long-term, secure attachments with their caregivers. When enrolling your child in a daycare center, ask how long the caregivers have worked there and if they have plans to leave in the short term.

3. Are philosophies aligned?

It is also important to ask if the center’s philosophies of discipline and education align with yours.

The center may take a more lax approach to discipline than you, as they are responsible for looking after many other children. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with this.

Caregivers may also tell stories or teach mathematics in a way you find difficult to reinforce. It is important that your philosophies gel with the caregivers’ so that you can work in tandem with them.

4. What happens when I just drop in?

Pay surprise visits to the center at different times. Drop in during playtime, mealtime or during a learning session to find out how the caregivers conduct them.

The center should run like clockwork even during unexpected visits.

5. Can you communicate?

The caregiver should understand your needs. You should feel comfortable telling the person what your child had for breakfast, or if he cried in the morning.

Questions for the Daycare Center Staff: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you want to make sure that you find a daycare center that treats both you  and your children with respect.  As a result, you want to also make sure that you have no bad feelings about leaving your children anywhere.

Ultimately, you have to consider how important all of this is.  In an ideal world, we’d always be able to be there for our kids, however, that’s not the world we live in.  So pick your preschool carefully because they help you to educate  your kids and prepare them for a bigger world.

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