What to Ask When Choosing a Daycare Center


As we covered previously, there are questions you should ask when choosing a daycare center.

Early Childhood Education in Gilbert| 480-267-9427
Early Childhood Education in Gilbert| 480-267-9427

Find a Daycare Center By Asking Questions

The caregiver should willingly tell you exactly what happened to your child during the day. You should raise your antenna if the caregiver is secretive for any reason where your child’s care is concerned.

6 . Do we feel comfortable?

Your child should adapt to the center and its caregivers before too long. If he does not feel comfortable, do not fear having to turn to other alternatives.

If you do not feel comfortable yourself, consider other daycare options.

7. Does it have flexible rules?

The center should have flexible rules that allow you to pick your child up at different times. While it should have set operating hours, it should also have contingencies for emergencies and times when parents are late picking up their children.

A responsible center will readily give you a copy of its policies.

8. Is the curriculum stimulating?

Observe the caregivers during learning sessions. Children should actively listen during storytelling sessions. They should play with manipulatives during mathematics sessions.

A well-planned curriculum should include a variety of activities and games to engage children.

9. Is the food healthy?

No parent would want to send their children to childcare centers that serve heavy portions of hamburgers or fried chicken daily.

Ask what the center includes in its menu and how it handles specific food needs. The center’s management should consider allergic reactions to food and plan balanced meals.

10. Are the facilities safe?

The center should have proper safety measures in place for playground activities and in classrooms. Caregivers should actively pay attention to children during water and sand play.

Alarm bells should ring if you see children running along corridors.

11. Is it licensed?

The center should have a valid license to run. It should adhere strictly to government safety and health standards. It should have accreditation from a government institution, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in the United States.

12. Do the caregivers respect specific needs?

The caregivers should pay attention to the needs of each child. Do not enrol your child in a center If caregivers deliberately ignore requests to go to the bathroom or brush children off when they cry. It should have proper rules in place to deal with toilet and other routine needs.

Finding a Preschool or Daycare Center

Finding a daycare center or preschool is all based on the answers to questions.  Once you have gotten them answered, you know that you’ve found the right preschool or daycare center.

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