The Importance of Before and After School Education Part 1

Part one of a series on before and after school education and educational enrichment explores before school programs.

School Age Child Care

Your Preschool in Gilbert | (480) 267-9427
Your Preschool in Gilbert | (480) 267-9427

If you’re lucky, you have someone that can supervise your children in the time between when they go to school and when you go to work.  However, sometimes that isn’t the case. That’s where before school education comes in.

School age child care is quite a bit different than preschool.  It has to be.  Activities that are geared for preschool children would be boring to a school age child.  That’s why it is important to make sure that you find a program that works both with your schedule and with your children’s educational needs. Each child is different and it’s always best to find an environment that takes your children’s individuality in mind when constructing learning activities and creativity exercises.

What is the Best Environment for Before and After School Education?

You want to make sure that the environment that your children in stimulates creativity.  Arts and crafts is a good method as are field trips to different places.  And it also provides another useful thing to a parent, school age child care.  A child’s needs should always be assessed as each child is different.  Sometimes a child just needs a quiet place to study. Sometimes, they need help with their homework.  Sometimes, they want a place to draw and color.  Sometimes, they are hungry to learn.

So remember, that if you have school age children, you’ll still need to arrange for care for them.  So if you would like to enroll your children in a program that will not only supervise them it will allow them to grow and develop as well, then your search may be over.  We are your preschool in Gilbert.

This concludes part one of our series.  For more information on school age child care, please read part two and part three.

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