The Importance of a Mesa Preschool (Conclusion)


Should you enroll your child in  daycare, a preschool, or both?

Reading to Your Child is an Important Part of Early Childhood Development | 480) 267-9419
Reading to Your Child is an Important Part of Early Childhood Development | 480) 267-9419

How Important is Preschool?

Daycare centers in Mesa help provide you with basic care for your kids. On the other hand, preschools provide care for shorter periods and are usually closed during school breaks, holidays, and summer. However, some of them offer fulltime programs. Unlike daycare, preschool teachers must be well trained and certified to provide early childhood education.

Statistics show a good number of children attend at least one year of preschool. The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) revealed that more than 40 percent of 3-year olds and more than two-thirds of 4-year olds were enrolled in preschools in 2005. The number has gradually increased over the years as parents are becoming more aware of the benefits of early childhood education. According to NIEER, children who attend preschool enter kindergarten with excellent pre-reading skills, strong math skills, and richer vocabularies than those who do not attend. This is simply because at preschool, they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. More importantly, they get the opportunity to learn how to socialize with others.

What are the Benefits of a Preschool in Mesa?

Although preschool education has been constantly shunned in the past decades, there has been consistent international evidence that children who participate in high-quality preschool education programs undergo through critical stages of development where they gain long-term beneficial effects. The initial benefits of Preschool participation are numerous and varied. They include:

  • Social and Emotional Development

Children who participate in preschool education programs consistently usually demonstrate less aggressive behaviours because of their ability to interact with others and resolving conflicts using their learned language skills. Letting your child attend a high-quality preschool gives him/her the opportunity to develop good relationships with the children and adults in the same environment. This allows him or her become emotionally stable, more confident, and adopts better socialization skills.

  • Promotes Good Language Skills

When a child is between the ages of one and five, language development usually occurs at a very fast pace. Vocabulary grows from about 900 words to 2, 500 words and the sentences become longer and more complex.

So as you see, education is crucial.  So start educating your child.  Read to them whenever you can.  They will blossom this way as well.  But one of the most important decisions that you can make is to enroll your child in daycare.

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