The Importance of a Gilbert Daycare Center (Contd.)


One of the most important things your children will learn at a Gilbert daycare is the concept of socialization.

Find a preschool in Gilbert that encourages your child's creativity | (480) 267-9427
Find a preschool in Gilbert that encourages your child’s creativity | (480) 267-9427

Socialization in a Gilbert Daycare

As we covered previously, socialization is vital for children throughout their lives. A stay at home child, or one that never attends a center with other children before kindergarten, is going to struggle with basic social skills once they get out in the real world. With that said, putting a child into a daycare center opens the world of learning social skills that can’t be obtained anywhere else. While they know their parents will protect them and their grandparents could kill them (if they say “No” to cleaning up at least), they have to learn how other adults treat them. A day care center teaches them that they need to listen to authoritative individuals, even if they are not related to them.

Another advantage is that they have the time to spend with others in their age groups. While you may spend time talking about Paw Patrol with them, you don’t have the same passion that their newly acquired friends will. You will also notice that they must focus on learning important skills like personal space (don’t bite other kids) and sharing items and ideas. The interesting dynamic occurs once they find their place and they start to cement their personality.

Children that are natural leaders will start to learn how to use those skills with others, while those that prefer to stay quiet and think more critically will learn how those skills work in a team setting. A day care center will make all of this happen naturally, but there are a few things to consider.

Not All Daycare Centers Are The Same

Teachers in a center are not all the same. Some have the patience of a saint, while others tend to be much stricter and to the point. There isn’t a good way to know how a teacher will act outside of reading reviews about the center and trusting your gut as you meet the teachers.

This is not to say that your child’s teacher will harm or abuse your child in any way; centers put their teachers through extensive background checks, but it is a way for you to see how your child reacts to different types of adults and discipline styles. The best way to see how your child does in a classroom is to make a surprise visit and try to watch from the outside.

So research, and be observant.  That way you know you’ve found the best daycare in Gilbert.


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