The Importance of a Daycare Center in Gilbert

A daycare center in Gilbert serves a much bigger purpose than merely childcare.

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Why Does Daycare in Gilbert Matter So Much?

According to this article excerpt from Slate magazine by Melinda Wenner Moyer:

“Day care can be good (primarily for cognitive development). After statistically adjusting for the effects of social class and other potential confounders, kids enrolled in high quality child care given by nonrelatives develop slightly better cognitive and language skills—as measured at various points in their lives, all the way up through age 15—than do kids in low-quality care. These beneficial effects are more pronounced for low-income kids than children from more affluent families and for kids in center-based care than other types of care. The NICHD study also compared children in child care to children who stayed at home with their mothers for the first three years of their lives, and the ones at home fared somewhere in the middle: They scored better on verbal comprehension tests at age 3 than did kids in low-quality care, but they scored worse on language tests at age 2 than kids in medium- and high-quality care.” [READ SOURCE MATERIAL]

Is a daycare center in Gilbert the only thing that matters as far as early childhood development is concerned?  Not at all.

Perspectives From a Gilbert Daycare Center

As the article covers, the home life of the child is also crucial as well. A child can have access to the best preschool in Gilbert, but if their life at home is either deficient, dysfunctional, or both, then the education will be all but worthless.

Children need an atmosphere of support.  If children accomplish something they should be praised and rewarded.  If they aren’t,  they won’t achieve as much.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  For example, the power of a parent(s) saying “I’m proud of you,” will help children to achieve a sense of positive self-worth.

As teachers at a daycare center, we know full well that our job is to help your children to not only learn but grow and develop as well.

We can’t give advice on parenting, but what we can do is tell you that we stand ready to assist you in the best way that we can, by providing a supportive learning environment, an excellent curriculum, and a positive environment.

All these things and more are signs of a good daycare center in Gilbert.

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