The Importance of a Daycare Center in Gilbert (Contd.)

A daycare center in Gilbert offers your children a valuable education.

Language skills are Important To Start Teaching Children | 480-267-9427
Language skills are Important To Start Teaching Children | 480-267-9427

A Gilbert Daycare Center and Language Skills

As we covered previously, children need an atmosphere of support.  If children accomplish something they should be praised and rewarded.  If they aren’t,  they won’t achieve as much. One thing that is important to recognize is how smart they are in using their language.

Language skills are one important part of early childhood education.

According to Raising Children AU: “Here are just a few of the important things your child might achieve in language development

3-12 months
In this period, your baby will most likely coo and laugh, play with sounds and begin to communicate with gestures. Babbling is an important developmental stage during the first year and, for many children, words are starting to form by around 12 months.

Babbling is often followed by the ‘jargon phase’ where your child will produce unintelligible strings of sounds, often with a conversation-like tone. This makes his babbling sound meaningful.

First words also begin by around 12 months. Babbling, jargon and new words might appear together as your child’s first words continue to emerge.

Find out more about language development from 3-12 months.

12-18 months
During this time, first words usually appear (these one-word utterances are rich with meaning). In the following months, babies continue to add more words to their vocabulary. Babies can understand more than they say, though, and will be able to follow simple instructions. In fact your baby can understand you when you say ‘No’ – although she won’t always obey!

If your baby isn’t babbling and isn’t using gestures by 12 months, talk to your GP, child and family health nurse or other health professional.

18 months to 2 years
In his second year, your toddler’s vocabulary has grown and he’ll start to put two words together into short ‘sentences’. He’ll understand much of what’s said to him, and you’ll be able to understand what he says to you (most of the time!).

Language development varies hugely, but if your baby doesn’t have some words by around 18 months, talk to your GP, child and family health nurse or other health professional.

2-3 years
Your child will be able to speak in longer, more complex sentences, and use a greater variety of speech sounds more accurately when she speaks. She might play and talk at the same time. Strangers will probably be able to understand most of what she says by the time she’s three.

3-5 years
Now your child is a preschooler, you can expect longer, more abstract and complex conversations. He’ll probably also want to talk about a wide range of topics, and his vocabulary will continue to grow. He might well show that he understands the basic rules of grammar, as he experiments with more complex sentences. And you can look forward to some entertaining stories too. [Read Source]

Language Skills at Your Gilbert Preschool

A Gilbert preschool should have language skills as part of their curriculum.


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