Spotlight: The Village at Kid’s Corner Mesa


The Village  in our Mesa Preschool & Daycare center is a pretend town where kids develop their social skills and imaginations. The Village has stores, a post office, and an entire little town. Kids get to role play as police officers, firefighters, and more, dressing up in all kinds of fun costumes.

Developing Important Social Skills

Activities that children experience in The Village support our curriculum in the following ways:

  1. Building Imagination and Creativity: Imagination isn’t just for fun or daydreaming. We might just have a future scientist who discovers the cure for cancer here in our Village!
  2. Problem Solving: As imaginations grow and kids play real-life roles, they will naturally create problems they have to solve, such as sharing, trading, negotiating, etc.
  3. Cooperation: The Village is made up of different buildings, occupations, and other areas where children have to cooperate.
  4. Emotions: Emotional development, as part of social development, grows in the Village, as children deal with everything from joy and disappointment, to encouragement and motivation.
  5. Language and Communication: Children learn to use new words and how to communicate with each other in these fun roles.
  6. Physical Development: Kids stay active in the Village. This is not a sit-and-learn classroom. They move around, build, and reorganize. It’s an active place that helps their physical development.

The Village at our Mesa Preschool and Daycare campus provides our kids a great place to work together and develop important social skills while having fun! Kids love role playing, and The Village is just the place for imaginations to run wild. It’s so important to keep our kids’ minds active!

Come visit our Mesa campus, and we’ll show you The Village and so much more!

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