Questions Parents Should Ask on a Daycare Tour

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As parents come through and tour our Kid’s Corner Preschool & Daycare campuses, we’re always thrilled to hear them ask so many good questions. We know that choosing a daycare is a big decision and parents want to know their children are in the hands of a caring group of educators and caregivers who are focused on helping the children develop and grow.  So, we’ve decided to list a few of the best questions we get and recommend that you ask these whenever you tour a daycare.

  1. Do you provide education?
  2. Do you work on social skills? How?
  3. How many children attend daycare?
  4. Is the daycare licensed/accredited? Background checks?
  5. What do you serve for meals and snacks?
  6. What is your sick child policy?
  7. What are your hours?
  8. What is the drop-off/pick-up policy? Late pickup?
  9. What’s the cost/tuition? What’s NOT covered by that?
  10. What is the visitation policy?
  11. What is a typical day like?
  12. Have the employees been trained in first aid?
  13. How are naptimes scheduled?
  14. Ask to see outdoor space.
  15. What are the ages of the children here?

As we’ve mentioned before here on the site, daycare is not just a babysitting outfit. A good daycare will have a curriculum designed to help your child learn and develop, both academically and socially. This curriculum should be taught by accredited teachers who have passed background checks and have been trained in first aid.

The best daycare will also consider all of the things that help make each day a nurturing experience for your child and your family, including healthy meals and snacks, nap times, a smooth drop-off/pick-up process, and a caring plan to children that become sick during the day. And that’s not to mention staying in touch with parents to keep them up to date on learning progress, school updates, and emergency and security bulletins.

If you haven’t already, come on in for a visit the Kid’s Corner daycare in Gilbert or Mesa, and bring this list with you! We’re happy to show you around. We know that you’ll love our daycare program and are confident that your child will have a great experience.

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