Quality Daycare Can Be Affordable Daycare

Childcare can feel expensive, and its cost can account for a significant portion of a family’s budget. Because of this, many families seek cheaper, and oftentimes lower-quality, daycare options for their children. But a tight budget doesn’t mean that your child’s development needs to suffer. If you want first-rate daycare education for your children, you need to know that quality daycare can be affordable daycare! Read on to learn more. 

What Makes A Daycare High Quality?

Every parent/guardian wants the best for their child, and an excellent education is usually at the top of that list. Seeking out superior daycare services is important to ensure your child’s future success. Telltale signs of a high-quality daycare program include proper student-teacher ratios, high Quality First ratings, licensing and approval by the Arizona Department of Health Services, and Arizona Department of Education approved nutrition programs. 

Why is Affordable Childcare Important?

The average annual cost of childcare in 2021 for one child in Arizona was approximately $10,948 per year. For many families, this number is unrealistic and unattainable. Finding affordable options for childcare is important to providing access for children and families from all walks of life. Every child has the right to a positive daycare environment and making quality options affordable is critical to a child’s future success. 

Why is Quality Early Childhood Education Important? 

Countless research studies have demonstrated the positive effects of a quality early childhood education. Children who attend a quality childcare program see more positive outcomes in terms of education, health, and social skills later in life. A recent study from Harvard found that children who had attended a high-quality early childhood education program were less likely to repeat a grade and more likely to graduate from high school when compared to peers who did not attend such programs. 

How do People Afford Daycare? 

With the cost of childcare so high, it can be difficult to imagine how so many families are able to pay for it. Luckily, there are several options for people who are on a tight budget to afford day care:

  • The Arizona Department of Economic Security offers childcare assistance for low-income families, teen parents that are taking classes, homeless or domestic violence shelter residents, and individuals who are unable to care for their children due to physical or emotional conditions. To learn more about applying for child assistance from the state of Arizona, you can follow this link
  • Some employers offer a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) that can be used to pay for childcare services. This is a pre-tax allotment that can help save on taxes.
  • Military families may be eligible for help with daycare payments with Child Care Aware of America.
  • Be sure to claim any and all child tax credits you may qualify for on your annual tax returns.

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