Preschools: What They Teach Your Kids Pt. 3

Part three of our series on early childhood education and preschools explores some more milestones that children pick up at this time of their life.

Learning Milestones in Preschool

Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419
Early childhood Education | (480) 267-9419

As part of an early childhood education, there are several milestones that happen during the preschool years.  According to, these milestones are:

Movement Milestones:

Hops and stands on one foot up to five seconds
Goes upstairs and downstairs without support
Kicks ball forward
Throws ball overhand
Catches bounced ball most of the time
Moves forward and backward with agility
Milestones in hand and finger skills
Copies square shapes
Draws a person with two to four body parts
Uses scissors
Draws circles and squares
Begins to copy some capital letters
Language milestones
Understands the concepts of “same” and “different”
Has mastered some basic rules of grammar
Speaks in sentences of five to six words
Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand
Tells stories

Cognitive Milestones:

Correctly names some colors
Understands the concept of counting and may know a few numbers
Approaches problems from a single point of view
Begins to have a clearer sense of time
Follows three-part commands
Recalls parts of a story
Understands the concept of same/different
Engages in fantasy play


Early Childhood Education and What Your Children Can Learn

This part of childhood is one of the most prominent in your child’s development.  They learn a staggering 70% of what they will need in life during this period.  So remember that early childhood education is as important if not more so than a K-12 curriculum.

Children are sponges.  Always encourage them to learn as much as they can, and give them a love of learning. As your preschool in Mesa, we can help with this as well.

This concludes part three of our series.  For more information on early childhood education, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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