Preschool in Mesa: Your Child’s First Steps…In Their Education


A good preschool in Mesa will have a few things going for it.  It should have good teachers, an excellent curriculum, and have a safe facility.  As to why all this matters it is due to the importance of early childhood education.

Early Childhood Education at a Mesa Daycare Center

Find a daycare program that encourages your child's creativity | (480) 267-9419
Find a daycare program that encourages your child’s creativity | (480) 267-9419

During preschool years, children learn a lot.  According to the Placer County Superior Court of California, toddlers begin:

“To learn to take initiative, control impulses, interact and play cooperatively with peers, and begin socialization. Focus is on social roles and on mimicking adult behaviors. Stage of nightmares, invented monsters, vivid fantasies, and magical thinking (“If I think it, it will happen!”) which creates much anxiety. Acute sensitivity to parental conflicts and parents’ moods and feelings. Time perspective is very limited (to about 2-3 days maximum), and when appropriate, child benefits by frequent contact (by phone or in person) with other parent. Excessive fears and anxieties, including fear of abandonment. blames self for adult actions (including the divorce). Shows regressive behaviors (e.g. thumb-sucking, bedwetting, tantrums, clinginess). Shows transition distress and resistance to going with other parent. Reassurance with hugs and holding, and with words like “I love you,” “You’ll be o.k.,” “Your father/mother and I will make sure things are o.k. for you.” Consistent and predictable routine, with some advance notice and explanations for any changes in routine.” [READ SOURCE]

A good preschool in Mesa will take all of this into account, and at the same time realize that each child has different needs.  But how do you know you have found the best preschool in Mesa?

Their curriculum is a good place to start.  Our preschool program is specifically designed to develop your child’s academic skills while enhancing your child’s social development. Our program introduces language, math and science in a dynamic classroom environment, utilizing hands-on experiences to develop your child’s math and science skills. We also emphasize group play to foster the development of social skills, including listening, sharing and cooperation. Your child will be encouraged to explore and learn in a fun environment, while making friends and developing self-confidence.

The Best Preschool in Mesa Should Be Safe and Have Good Teachers

Another important thing to consider is how safe a preschool is, and what their facilities are like.  A preschool should have controlled access at all time,and children should never be left unattended. Which brings up our final point: making sure your children are being taught by good teachers.

A good preschool teacher will not only have the knowledge, he or she should also be able to relate to kids.  When you have all of these things in place, you have the best preschool in Mesa.

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