Preschool for Toddlers: What Should They Learn?


As parents, we all want what is best for our children and their future. Preschool for toddlers is an invaluable tool in developing children’s social and cognitive skills. But at what age should it start, and what exactly should they learn in their first few years of life? 

Is Preschool Good For Children As Young As Two Or Three Years?

Yes, absolutely! Preschool is an invaluable tool for young toddlers as they grow and learn many essential skills. A preschool environment will teach them how to communicate, work, and play with other children. It will help them begin to learn their colors, shapes, animals, and alphabet. It will also give them confidence in their own independence and ability to learn. Those are just a few of the benefits to toddler preschool. Preschool will set your child up for excellence in further education, and just as importantly – they’ll have a lot of fun. Get ready to hear all about your child’s day and what they learned when you pick them up!

What Should Two- And Three-year-olds Learn In Preschool?

A good preschool will help aid your child learn many essential skills in a fun and gentle manner. Some of these skills include:

  • Stacking towers with four or more blocks
  • Identifying body parts, animals, and common items in pictures
  • Learning colors and shapes
  • Basic counting
  • Completing simple two-step tasks (e.g., “Take off your coat and place it in the closet”)
  • Days of the week and times of the day (e.g. morning time, storytime, bedtime)
  • Knowledge of the natural world, such as different types of weather and animals

What Skills Do Preschoolers Need?

It’s generally true to say that toddlers reach milestones at different times. Not every kid develops at the same rate as others – so if your child is lagging a little behind (or speeding on ahead!) in some areas, don’t worry too much about it. However, there are some skills that they should have under their belt before moving on to kindergarten:

  • Communication skills, such as: being able to share and play with other children; being able to articulate their thoughts, feelings, and needs; and being able to speak clearly enough to be understood
  • Physical skills, such as: being able to hold a writing tool (pencil, crayon, etc.) by using their fingers instead of their whole fist; showing improvement in ability to run, jump, and balance; and being able to navigate around obstacles
  • Cognitive and reasoning skills, such as: being able to identify, sort, and match objects by color and shape; demonstrating an understanding of object permanence; and an ability to identify what happens next in a day (e.g. after lunch comes playtime)

Not all of these are as important as others, but this list should give you an idea of what skills your child may need to improve on prior to entering kindergarten. Preschool will help your child develop all of these and much more, in a structured, safe, and fun environment. 

Get Your Toddler Enrolled in Preschool

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