Preschool and Social Skills


Preschool teaches your children important skills.  One of the most important is social skills…

Social Skills and a Gilbert Preschool

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Is your child shy?  Sometimes, shyness is merely a lack of practice with social skills.  These skills are taught only in part by parents.  It is in the formative years that the most important developments take place.  So who teaches them?

An important source for socialization is a preschool.  There was a popular saying once that “everything I needed to learn I learned in kindergarten,” however, in all seriousness, it begins even earlier than that.  By the time a child reaches kindergarten he or she has already learned a lot.  They learn lessons such as how to play nice, how to communicate and how to share.  These lessons will follow them throughout all areas of their lives from relationships to education and even to the workforce. There is so much that is already present by the time a child reaches kindergarten and grade school.

Personality Traits and Early Childhood Development

Did you know that a lot of your child’s basic personality is developed by five years old? That’s right.  By the time he or she reaches five, you’ll know whether they’re outgoing or reserved, what they like and dislike, and so much more.  Early childhood development however, helps your children to blossom and enter kindergarten and grade school with a bit of an advantage.

In a way, school is an imperfect reflection of society in general.  The children who are bolder will grow up to be bolder adults.  The best preschools teach children to ask questions and use their voice.  It is all part of creating an environment that is conducive to developing.

As a parent you want what’s best for your children.  So remember how important their formative years are.  Make sure they eat properly and get enough sleep.  Balance their activities and make sure they exercise.  And above all, get a jump on their education.  Get them enrolled in a Gilbert preschool today.

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