Preschool and Childcare Tips: How to Handle an Aggressive Child

Childcare is more than just naptime, it’s also about protecting children from aggressiveness by other children.

Avoiding Aggression in Preschool

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Curbing aggressive behavior in preschool is all about consistency and enforcing limits.  Ignoring bad behavior is never an option.  On the opposite end of the scale, over-responding can also be a problem too.  Screaming at a kid is also not a good idea either, as a kid who’s yelled at will either get more aggressive in response to what he or she perceives as an attack.  Look at hitting for example.

A common misconception is that only boys hit.  Girls can hit too, and often do.  What’s the solution for hitting?  Hitting back?  Absolutely not.  Corporal punishment seems to be a common factor of a great many violent criminals in adulthood.  Why?  Because it teaches a lesson that violence is a way to solve problems.  So what’s the answer?  Surprisingly, as preschool teachers, we find that a tried and true method works the best:  quiet time in the corner.   If a child has a hitting problem  telling them that hitting is not okay followed up by telling them that they need to think about what they’ve done in the corner often works.  However, sometimes, parents can help before the child arrives at the facility.

Preschool and Working With Parents

Before a child leaves for a preschool, it’s often surprisingly effective if a parent sets ground rules for the ways the child is supposed to act.  All it takes is the right instructions.  For example: “Now, I don’t want you to hit anyone, and I want you to be well-behaved, is that understood?”

In an ideal world, every child would be well-behaved and there would never be any problems.  However, fighting can happen with children just as it can with adults.  It’s part of the way kids learn to get along with each other, and learn boundaries.  Children that are aggressive at an early age don’t know about other methods of conflict resolution.  As a preschool, we try to give children the tools they will need to be responsible citizens, including controlling aggressive behavior.

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