Preschool and Childcare Tips: How to Get a Shy Child to Open Up Part 2

Cooperation is one of the many techniques that a preschool uses in the development of social skills.  And there are several ways to help kids to cooperate with each other.  A shy kid needs more help coming out of his or her shell.  Sometimes, the right encouragement makes all the difference in the world.

Socialization 101

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First off you need to understand that being shy as a kid is normal and not a reflection on you as a parent. If children are shy it is often because they simply do not know what to do or how to act in a new and unfamiliar situation. They are too young to know how to compare nor decide what to do. Knowing this, congratulations! You’re on the way helping him or her to be more outgoing. A boy is sitting away from the other children.  He hasn’t been given a timeout and he seems to be avoiding the other kids.  Is there something wrong with him?  A little girl rarely talks, and when she participates it’s rare.  Is she antisocial?  Both cases may not necessarily indicate a deeper problem.  However, it could be that they were in a facility that didn’t encourage socialization.  A good preschool, however, will try to encourage children to socialize.

A preschool teacher may assign children to a table, and give them a puzzle to work on together.  One way to make a shy kid start to open up is to make them in charge of putting down the first piece, or maybe even making them the leader.  Social skills, after all, are not something that we are born with.  They’re learned and practiced just like any other skill.   Sometimes, a child can be encouraged to participate based on his or her skill set.

Early Childhood Education and Putting Kids Together

Maybe your daughter is already a wiz at reading.  Maybe encouraging her to read something out loud for the class and then subsequently praising her for it would help her get past the idea of an unfamiliar situation. But more important than giving them something to do is what you do as a parent. If they’re scared of going to preschool, talk to them.  Don’t just enroll them and throw them in.

Take them down to the facility and let them meet their teacher and the other kids.  Shyness occurs in about 50% of kids.  With the right preschool teachers, your child can blossom and grow and overcome shyness, or at the very least put it in perspective.

Be sure to read part one of this article series on how to get a shy child to open up as well.

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