Preparing Your Child for Preschool

You already know what college your child’s going to attend, but you’re starting to get nervous about the upcoming preschool year. Is your child ready? Will they be able to separate and join in? Is there anything you can do to prepare them for preschool? Yes, to all of the above.

Is my child ready for Preschool?

First, allow us to say, yes, your child is ready for preschool at Kid’s Corner. Our professional staff works with kids of all ages and levels of growth. Rest assured, your child is in good hands, and we will make the transition as pleasant as possible. But the question remains —  you want to know if your child is prepared for preschool.

There are signs that a child is ready to go on to preschool, including:

  • Independence. Does your child do some tasks on their own, such as clean up, putting on shoes, going to the toilet, etc.?
  • Time Away from You. Separation anxiety — even for parents! — is a big concern going into preschool. Does your child already spend time away from you, like at a playdate for example?
  • Works Alone. Is your child able to work on a project independently?
  • Plays in Groups. Like the playdate mentioned above, does your child already play with groups of children?
  • Has a Schedule. Do you have a good routine going, with wake-up and bedtimes, snacks, meals, etc?

These are all signs that your child is ready to go on to preschool. If they’re not quite there, there are some things you can do to help them get ready.

Getting your child ready for Preschool

There are plenty of activities a parent or caregiver can do to prepare their child for preschool. That said, we encourage parents NOT to over prepare for preschool. The goal of preschool is to get your child ready for kindergarten, and our curriculum at Kid’s Corner is designed to do just that, for all age groups.

That said, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Pretend Preschool. That’s right, pretend you’re at preschool. Take turns with your child in pretending to be the student and the teacher and even other students.
  • Create a Schedule. Get your child used to a set schedule, so that the schedule at school won’t be a surprise.
  • Read. Read to your child every day. This is an essential part of our preschool curriculum, and getting them used to participating in this will help.
  • Keep your Child Up to Date. The unknown and surprises can be scary to children, so keep your child informed about the coming change.
  • Meet the Teacher. If your child is especially nervous about school, schedule a time to come in and meet their teacher. That will calm some of the first-day jitters. You can also take your child and check out the school grounds ahead of time.
  • Start Social Activities. A big part of preschool consists of social interaction. Provide your child opportunities to participate in social activity before they get to the school year.
  • Work on Independence. Help your child learn how to do things for themselves, such as washing hands, picking up, going to the bathroom, putting on socks, shoes, etc.

What if my child’s not ready for preschool?

Please don’t stress too much over this. Children all grow at different rates, developing skills at different times. Your child might excel in one area, say reading, and struggle in another, like social skills. That’s what we’re here for, to help your child grow in all facets of development. If you’re concerned, bring your child in for a visit, or meet us on your own, and we’ll help you understand the process and feel assured that you are making the right decision for your child.

More questions? Check out our FAQs.

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