Pre-K Education Part 1: What Your Child Needs to Know

Part one of a series on pre-K education explores some things that your child will need to know.

Early Childhood Education: Give Your Children an Advantage

Early Childhood Education and Color
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If you want your children to succeed academically, you need to start them into early childhood education as soon as possible.  They have a lot to learn before they enter kindergarten.  Like what:  Well for starters, they’re going to need:

  • Self-Control-namely the ability to follow rules
  • The ability to participate in group activities
  • Good interaction with others

In addition, you have to realize that children are essentially sponges at such an early age, and they have been proven to  learn best using tactile methods, rather than just sitting still and memorizing.  Instead of lectures, early childhood development should be about fostering a love of learning.   And your children need to learn everything from motor skills to social development as well as the three R’s.

How Do Children Use Pre-K Education?

Children use pre-k learning in a variety of ways.  Since they’re already in the habit of learning, when they go into higher grade levels, they start absorbing content a lot easier than some of their peers.  They are able to start to recognize colors, and shapes, as well as sizes, and this knowledge will help them as well.  And the education that they receive also helps them in other ways, it helps them to learn the concepts of boundaries and social mores which are imperative for them to have healthy relationships.

So as you see, the greatest of things start from humble beginnings.  A good education doesn’t start from kindergarten or even first grade.  It starts with good early childhood education.

This concludes part one of our series on pre-K education.  Be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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