Personality and Learning Styles in a Preschool Setting

Childhood development is more than just language skills, and socialization.  Did you know that during early childhood development, a child’s personality and learning style will develop?

Personality and Preschool

Preschool helps to shape personality
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A lot of people don’t know that personality forms early in life.  Whether we are agreeable or hostile, introverted or outgoing, emotionally stable or neurotic is shaped in part by the environments we are exposed to.  A preschool in Mesa is merely one of the many places that shapes a child. The debate still goes on over nature versus nurture, however, a positive educational environment is one of the factors that strongly helps a child to develop their personality.

Children can be taught and conditioned how to act.  Praise, enthusiasm, and positive reinforcement can do wonders in the area of self-esteem, and reinforcing personality traits that will help and not hinder a child.  Another technique that is useful is effectively channeling traits that can be negative or detrimental, such as aggression.  However, it isn’t just personality that a child develops in their formative years.  Their learning style is also developed, and one place for this development is a pre-school.

A Mesa Preschool and Your Child’s Learning Style

Being in the preschool industry, we know that there is a lot more to learning than just sitting in a room while a teacher lectures.  According to the Fleming/VAK/Vark Model, there are three main learning styles: visual learning, kinesthetic learning, and auditory.

Does your son like to pick up things and touch them?  He may have a  kinesthetic learning style.  Kinesthetic learners are “do-ers.”  He would be able to tell you each state of the US by assembling a puzzle, or drawing a map.  Can your child listen to anything and tell you about it?  She may have an auditory learning style.    Visual learners do well with picture and illustrations, in which ideas and other information are associated with images. Whatever type of learning styles and personalities your children may have, the right pre-school can help your children to blossom.

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