Learning Styles and Children Part 1

Preschool should always recognize the fact that all children are individuals.  As such each of them have their own unique learning styles.  This article is part one of a two part series that will explore common learning styles that children learn with. And very little learning is based on a lecture…

Touch and Sight in Early Childhood Development

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Have you ever wondered why children’s toys include things like oversize puzzles with big colorful pieces and mobiles? Because these toys help them to differentiate between colors and shapes. Children are eager to learn, and both touch and sight are two of the ways they learn the best.  In fact they are known as the tactile-kinesthetic and visual learning styles.

Early childhood development should never be about just having children sit idly while an adult gives them a lecture.  Most kids will get antsy.  So, sometimes, it’s good to get them involved.  Teach them a rhyme, and maybe a new song to learn.  Look at the Alphabet Song for example.  It teaches them the basics of language.  And guess what?  It is a prime example of an auditory learning style.

Why Are There So Many Learning Styles?

Children are individuals, just as adults are individuals.  Since they are individuals, children have individual learning styles.  For one child, sitting down while an adult teaches them is perfect.  For another child it is beyond boring.  And sometimes, repeating a lesson in a different learning style can make all the difference in retention rates.  Face it, if a child learns something but forgets it as quickly as he or she learns it, it’s a waste of time. However, it that child can tell you everything about a subject, then it is truly a lesson learned.  If you want an example, look at the Latin names of dinosaurs.

Most of them are multi-syllabic words that most adults have to break down and say slowly while kids can rattle them off rapid fire.  How did they do it?  By learning in a way that complemented their learning style.

Part two of this series will explore how preschools can help children to learn using a different learning style than what they’re accustomed to.

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