Is Preschool Necessary?


Preschool is incredibly helpful to a child’s growth. It develops their social skills, teaches them useful skills that will aid them in kindergarten and beyond, and provides them with a safe space to start learning independence. But is preschool necessary? Well, the answer is that it depends: on your goals, and on your child.

Is Preschool Mandatory in Arizona?

No, preschool is not mandatory. It is a completely voluntary, paid service. You can choose what preschool your child goes to, or choose not to enroll your child in preschool if you prefer. However, enrolling your child in preschool gives them a head start that will benefit them in kindergarten and beyond.

At What Age Should a Child Go to Preschool?

Usually, children enter preschool between the ages of 3 and 4. However, when your child enters preschool is up to you. Preschool teaches many skills that will greatly aid your child when they enter kindergarten, for which the average age of entrance is 5 – though your child’s age when they start kindergarten will vary depending on when their birthday is. There are no hard rules – choose what is best for your child!

Is Age 2 Too Early for Preschool?

Many children enter preschool as young as 2.5 years old. However, at 2, your child is still a toddler, and they may not be prepared for preschool. Supervised daycare may be a better option for your 2 year old. At Kid’s Corner, our daycare service provides a fun, safe, and supervised environment where your child will learn while having fun!

Why Is Preschool Important for a Child?

Preschool is important for many different reasons. Not only does it teach children practical knowledge that will benefit them in kindergarten – such as counting and pre-literacy – it also helps develop their social skills, their motor skills, and their comfort in new environments. A good preschool will set up the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. 

Benefits of Preschool

What are some of the more specific benefits of preschool?

  • Helps Prepare for Kindergarten: Preschool is a great tool for helping your child prepare for kindergarten and elementary school. Preschool will teach some of the essential skills your child will need in kindergarten, such as how to follow directions, how to play well with other children, and the foundations of math and pre-literacy. In addition, preschool makes for a smooth transition to kindergarten.
  • Develops Social Skills: At preschool, your child will be spending plenty of time with their peers. Doing tasks together, playing together, sharing, and even settling conflicts together (with the help of a teacher or teacher’s assistant) will help your child develop essential social skills.
  • Develops Motor Skills: Preschool not only teaches concepts such as counting and colors, but it also helps your child develop key motor skills, both gross and motor. In preschool, your child will play games, make crafts, and play with toys that help develop these important motor skills.
  • Life-Long Benefits: Studies have shown that a quality preschool education has long-reaching effects. Adults who attended quality preschools as children are more likely to graduate high school and have a higher earning potential than children who did not.

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