Finding the Right Daycare Center in Gilbert (Contd.)

Finding a preschool in Gilbert is about a lot of different factors.

A Good Preschool Encourages Your Child to Learn | 480-267-9427
A Good Preschool Encourages Your Child to Learn | 480-267-9427

Daycare in Gilbert:  Educational Philosophy

As we covered previously, the atmosphere of a daycare center or preschool is very important to consider.  A quiet kid will get lost in the shuffle of a lot of children, and a child who thrives on activity will get bored and frustrated at a daycare center that has a more martinet philosophy.

Educational philosophy is also important in a Gilbert preschool or daycare center. As mentioned before, no two schools are alike. While some introduce math and reading earlier than others, some schools introduce, multiple educational philosophies all at once, as opposed to math and reading alone.

How big is the classroom?  One of the things that many parents are not aware of, is the fact that each state has implemented a teacher-child ratio that each child day care center or preschool has to adhere to. As such, you need to ensure that inquire about your state’s mandate as far as the acceptable teacher-child ratio goes and see if a potential facility that you like, is within full compliance of these guidelines, as statistics demonstrate that many facilities have gotten into legal trouble as a result of breaking this mandate.  Contact the daycare center too.

Does the Preschool Have an Atmosphere That Promotes Learning?

The structure of the building may be within full order and the facility may have an abundance of features that will surely be of some interest to your child, but do the students themselves seem happy ? When you evaluate a potential center you need to pay close attention to the children within the facility. Things you should ask yourself as you evaluate the atmosphere of each facility, includes:
* Do they appear to be happy ?
* Are they active or do they seem bored ?
* Are they socializing and interacting with each other and/or the staff/teachers ?
* Do the teachers appear as if they love their job ?
* Would your child be happy in an atmosphere like this ?
* Would you be happy if you placed your child in an atmosphere like this ?

And what about play time? It’s fairly common for a parent to believe, that they should place their child in an environment that places a high focus on learning. However, contrary to this belief, at a young age, children stand to benefit from “play time” more so than anything else.

So again, you have to do some homework, and more than a little research.  That way you know you’re on the right track to finding a preschool in Gilbert.

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