Finding the Right Daycare Center in Gilbert (Conclusion)

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Why find the right Daycare in Gilbert AZ?

Based on the fact that this is the time in which children get to discover their interest and develop their social skills. Children need plenty of “play time” so that they are able to explore their interests as well as to socialize and interact with others, which will help to establish and build their interpersonal skills. Therefore, ensure that the facility that you choose, allocates a decent proportion of the day to “play time.”

6) Teacher – Parent Communication
As a parent, you need to be informed about all aspects of your child while they are at the center such as their behavior. As such, you should evaluate how the teachers and administrators plan on keeping the parents informed such as a newsletter or periodic email for example.

7) Disciplinary Policies
Many preschools or care centers, will have a written list of disciplinary rules that cover everything from time outs, teacher-parent meetings and or expulsions. Therefore, you should inquire about the events that transpires during a time out as well as to how parents and teachers can work together to address specific issues.

8) Conflict Resolution
Your child is bound to encounter a conflict at some point or another, as is the case with every single child. Therefore, you should find out how the facility handles and resolve conflicts such as throwing, biting and hitting. It’s important to note, that while their disciplinary policies may indicate how they enforce discipline, conflict resolution in itself is different. For example, a good conflict resolution policy should focus on addressing the child’s social emotional conflict.If a child bites another student, they should be disciplined and the teacher should highlight the reason why biting is an unacceptable emotional response to a social conflict.

9) Accreditation
Before we elaborate, it’s important to note that day care center fraud is a criminal business sector than reaps hundreds of millions of dollars on a yearly basis. Said in simple term, day care center or preschool fraud transpires when a facility operates as a care center or preschool, without accreditation. Therefore, before you enlist your child in a facility, check your state laws in regards to the necessary state and district’s requirements that each facility must have.

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