Finding a Daycare Center in Mesa (Contd.)


Finding a daycare center in Mesa is based on a lot of different things, both provable and emotional.

A New World Awaits your Child at Your Mesa  Preschool | (480) 267-9419
A New World Awaits your Child at Your Mesa Preschool | (480) 267-9419

How Can You Find a Good Daycare Center in Mesa?

How can you find a good daycare center in Mesa?  First off, check to make sure that they are licensed.    In addition to having a license to offer daycare services, make sure that there are no complaints with the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services, as well as others such as the Better Business Bureau. You also want to check out the qualifications of their teachers as well as check out the teachers personally.

Most daycare centers do background checks, but never assume.  Ask that as one of the questions when you call the daycare center.  You also want to make sure that not only is there any criminal activity with the daycare providers, you want to do more than just call the center

What to Expect of a Daycare Center When You Visit

What can you expect of a daycare center when you visit?  Well, first off, use your nose.  The daycare center should smell clean.  If there’s a urine smell, or obvious bits of dirt around, it would probably be better to take your kids to another facility immediately.  You also want to bring your kids along for a final visit if the center works out.  If your child isn’t happy about the environment, talk to them and then if their concerns aren’t alleviated, take them somewhere else.   Finally, trust your feelings.  If anything feels shady about the daycare center, such as rates that aren’t clear or transparent, any dubious contracts that you have to sign, or anything else that may be a red flag, don’t ignore it.  There have been some people who got bound to a long-term contract with a daycare center and were unable to break the agreement.

When you have all of these elements in place, then it is merely a matter of working with the center to determine whether you want to have mere childcare or if you want to expand into Pre-K education.

If you want to expand your child’s horizons, check out their curriculum to see if anything works for you and your child.  Ultimately, it all hinges on the decisions that you make as a parent that determines your choice of the right daycare center in Mesa.

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