The Importance of Before and After School Programs Part 3

Part three of our series on before and after school programs focuses on school age child care lesson plans.

School Age Child Care Lesson Plans

Enroll your Child Today in a School Age Child Care Program 480-267-9419
Enroll your Child Today in a School Age Child Care Program 480-267-9419

What are typical school age child care lesson plans? Well, ours is sorted into a few main categories: social interaction, creativity, physical activities, and intellectual development. Each of these programs are of equal importance to help your child develop into a well-rounded person.

Besides familial relationships, the next most vital relationship for your children to have is friendships with other children.  We do this by various group activities.  Intellectual development in children is emphasized with problem solving experiences, but not just math.  Physical activities are encouraged and important concepts such as balance, nutrition and stamina are taught.  Finally, we teach your children the basics of creativity.

Childhood Development Patterns and Creativity

Why does creativity matter in children?  Creativity matters in everyone, not just children.  Creative people are often better equipped to come up with solutions to problems, and come up with ideas that can make a big difference at all levels of society.  Give children the basics of creativity and it will cause them to blossom, and that’s something that is very much a part of good before and after school programs.

The choices you make for your children go beyond making them eat their vegetables or enforcing rules.  You want them to get as many chances for a good life as you can, and while people’s paths always differ from each other, one of the best ways to start is the right education.  So, make sure that you encourage your kids and help them grow.  Make sure that the environments they’re in are safe.  And enroll them in an after school program in Mesa

This concludes part three of our series. For more information on early childhood education, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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Our developmentally appropriate curriculum and programs are based on the nationally acclaimed creative curriculum designed to address the whole child – social, emotional, physical, and intellectual.