Early Childhood Education Part I: The Whole Child

Early childhood education is about having the right curriculum in place. And what makes a good curriculum?  One that takes the whole child into account.

Early Childhood Development: Emotional & Social

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Learning to communicate effectively is one of the most important thing that any child should learn as part of an early childhood education curriculum.  After all it isn’t just what someone says it’s how they say it.  People use both nonverbal communication along with their words.  Aggression, withdrawal, joviality, and shyness are present in us all.  And it starts during our formative years.

That’s why it is important to encourage children as part of childhood development.  Friendships, for example have an amazing effect on children.  When they make friends, children become more outgoing, and also become more confident.  This is expanded on further by the way they express feelings.  And the right environment makes all the difference in the world.

Positive Emotional Development and Education

If children feel safe and comfortable in their preschool environment, they can learn to express themselves and begin a lifelong process of self discovery.  They’re not called formative years for nothing.  Identity, individuality, and integrity all form at this time of life.  However, it isn’t just about forming or molding a child.  There are also the skills that a child will need as well such as good judgment, memory skills, reasoning, and language.

Play is also vital to teach physical coordination, motor skills, and surprisingly, how to play by the rules.  So as you see, it isn’t merely just some finger paints and brightly colored blocks.  Nor is it milk and bananas.  When a child is taught the right way, he or she should be treated as an individual, and taught the way that we do as a preschool: by using the principles of whole child education.

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