Early Childhood Education Part 3: How Young Should Your Children Start?

Part three of a series on early childhood education explores theories of how young your children should be before they start to receive education.

How Old Should Your Children Be Before They’re Taught?

Preschools teach color differentation
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Being involved in early childhood education, we get a lot of questions from parents. What education will my child need before kindergarten? How do children learn best? Is my child gifted and if they are, should I push them? We’ll answer last question first.

Be aware that all children are different and each of them has their own special gifts. If you have multiple children, you don’t want to label them. For example, labeling one of your children as gifted automatically puts a passive label on your other children as being non-gifted. From an early childhood educational standpoint, we assume all kids are gifted, and help them to develop their gifts. As for pushing them, absolutely not. There have been several studies that show that children that are pushed often grow up with poor self-esteem and fear of failure. So, if we don’t push them, how do children learn best?

Early Childhood Education and Learning Styles

This topic is fascinating, and will be explored in a later article as well, but for the moment, know that kids learn best by exploration, namely, sight, sound, and touch. Children will most likely tune out or be scared if they have a martinet drill sergeant who is all about drills and memorizing things. Children should be encouraged to play, not be indoctrinated. What education will your child need before kindergarten?

First off a knowledge of rules and socialization is key. They should know how to identify different colors, and be able to speak and communicate effectively. So as you see, there is a lot more to early childhood education than you may think.

Be sure to read part one and part two of this article series as well. Our next article will cover learning styles that children use.


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