Early Childhood Education Part 2: Even More Reasons to Read to Your Child

Part two of a series on early childhood education explores even more reasons why you should read to your child.

Early Childhood Development: Communication + Thinking Skills

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Better communication skills is another hidden benefit of reading to your child. When you read to your  toddler-aged children, they’re much more likely to express themselves and relate to others in a healthy way. Reading the right books prepares children for interaction with both peers and adults.  They also get a head start on mastering the English language. Starting children out by reading to them has been linked time and time again to a better grasp of the basics of language as they approach school age.  However, it’s not just language skills that you can expect to develop in your children.

Reading to children helps them to grasp  abstract concepts.  It also helps them apply logic, develop good judgment as well as begin to think logically.   The scenarios in books may seem fantastic, however, they are all based on real interactions.  Your preschooler can start relating real life to the stories that you share.  The right books are in fact, a vital part of early childhood education.

Early Childhood Education and Books for Children

Children’s books are often sniffed at based on surface impressions, however, if you look deeper, sometimes there are deeper meanings.  The books of Kate DiCamillo, for example teach children to do the right thing and to be courageous, both valuable life lessons. Dr. Seuss covers everything from reverence for the natural world all the way up to tolerating differences in others.  All of these things can be imparted to your children as part of early childhood development.

This concludes part two of a series on early childhood education and reading to your children.  Be sure to read part one and part three as well.


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