Daycare Centers in Mesa: An Industry Insider’s Guide (Contd)

When you’re looking at daycare centers in Mesa, you want to make sure you know what to look for..

In our last article, we covered some more points on what to look for in a daycare center in Mesa.

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Daycare Centers in Mesa:  Food and Facilities

The final thing to look for in a daycare center in Mesa is the facility itself, as well as any food they may serve. From BABYCENTER.COM:

“Healthy food
If you have to bring your child’s food, find out the center’s guidelines. Some may require you to pack only nutritious foods and that’s okay. Centers that don’t restrict candy or other sweets may not have your child’s best interests at heart.
If the center does have a food plan, find out what it serves at meal and snack times (and make sure the staff is aware of your child’s food allergies, if any). Does it encourage healthy eating habits and cover all the food groups?
Bottom line: Healthy food habits start early. If the center doesn’t offer a variety of nutritious food choices for your child, look elsewhere.
Clean, safe facilities
A good center is clean and sanitary. Floors, walks, walls, and the kitchen area should be clean, food preparation areas should be far from toilets and diaper changing stations, trash shouldn’t be left sitting unemptied, and the building should be adequately heated, lit, and ventilated. Staff should wash their hands regularly, and after every diaper change.
Look for plenty of space, too. According to NAEYC, centers should have at least 35 square feet of indoor space per child and 75 square feet per child outside.
Make sure the center follows the basic rules of safety. Toys and play equipment should be in good repair, upstairs windows (if any) should have screens or bars, all medicines and other hazardous substances should be out of reach, bedding should be fresh and firm (to reduce the risk of SIDS for babies), and the outdoor play area should be level and secure.
Smoke detectors should be in place and working, radiators and heaters should be covered or otherwise protected, a first aid kit and fire extinguisher should be close at hand, and all standard childproofing techniques should be used (covered outlets, safety gates, door latches, etc.). The center should be secure, as well, so strangers can’t just walk in off the street.
Look for a facility with an outdoor play area. Children should have the chance to play outside every day — running, jumping, and skipping are good for them physically, mentally, and socially. If you live in a city, where even the best centers may not have enough space for a safe outdoor play yard, make sure the center has a spacious indoor area (the next best thing).
Bottom line: Spot a safety hazard? A missed hand wash? Keep looking.
A current license
Ask to see a center’s license and credentials, then double-check with a call to your local social services department. If possible, look for a facility that has also passed the stringent accreditation process required by NAEYC, a benchmark of quality. Search NAEYC’s database.
Centers must also meet state licensing regulations for health and safety. Of course, a current license isn’t a guarantee of quality care — that’s why you have to evaluate the caregivers themselves, especially in states that don’t require licenses.
Bottom line: A license isn’t everything, but if a center doesn’t have one, it’s not for you.” [READ SOURCE]

So remember, keep your kids safe, and get them into the right daycare center in Mesa.

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