Current Trends In Early Education 2022

COVID-19 has changed many things about how our society functions – and early childhood education is no exception. From doing school at home to social distancing, the landscape of schools has changed several times. But not all new changes are bad – there are many upcoming trends in early childhood education that will hopefully come with many benefits and may be here to stay. So, what current trends and issues in early education will stay in 2021, and which ones will follow – or bloom anew – in 2022?

What Are the Future Trends In Education?

One of the major trends in education is how much more of a role technology is taking in the classroom. We are all hopeful that the end of the pandemic is in sight, but similar threats may remain, and having the flexibility to switch gears in any type of emergency situation can only benefit families of young children. If schools and daycare centers are prepared for anything, then they are taking proper care of their young charges, so this will continue to be a focus in coming years. 

However helpful and necessary technology is, it cannot replace real educators and caregivers in human contact.  It is a very difficult task to educate our youngest learners over a computer, so integrating rather than replacing, is the focus of this trend as we discuss below.

2022 Trends In Early Childhood Education

  • Focus on Health Protocols: With COVID-19 potentially here to stay, placing a priority on health and safety protocols – such as social distancing, using hand sanitizer, and keeping an eye out for signs of illness – will likely become more and more important in schools and daycare centers. All parents agree that their child’s health is the highest priority, and making sure schools are safe and clear of dangerous germs and viruses is a very positive trend. 
  • More Technology Presence: Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in schools, and not just in the classroom. Allowing parents to electronically check their children in and out of school and monitor them on video during the school day is one example of how technology can work for families. Another example is the ability to see the results of standardized health checks throughout the day. 
  • More Technology Integration: As we said, technology like Zoom rooms and video cannot successfully replace real-world care, so the focus going forward will be to integrate age-appropriate features over time. Experts agree that staring at screens is not beneficial for our youngest learners, but short pieces of engaging material presented as an integrated part of a curriculum or daycare can extend professionals’ reach when necessary and make sure that all children make the most of their time spent in daycare or early education classrooms engaged in active learning and play. Being comfortable with integrated technology can prepare children for the 21st century and beyond.
  • Increased Safety: The focus has always been on the safety of children in the classroom and daycare, but it is amped up to ensure that the children are safe and that parents are aware of all safety measures in the event of emergencies, resurgent Covid challenges, and even traditional threats. Unfortunately, many parents are aware of the dangers of leaving youngsters with grandparents during this pandemic, so daycare centers and schools are working hard to safely fill the gap. 

You can see that we have become aware of vulnerabilities in our culture, and we are facing these challenges head-on to be sure that our young children are safe. Technology is a big part of that trend, as is open communication, health monitoring, safety, and sanitation protocols all working together to allow 2022 to provide a wonderful year of enrichment to our youngest generation. Here at Kid’s Corner, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, fun, and educational environment that enables your child to shine their brightest. If you have any questions or want to schedule a tour, call us now at (480)-267-9419 for our Mesa preschool campus or (480)-267-9427 for our Gilbert preschool campus.

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