COVID Resources for Parents Who are Essential Workers

Financial Aid

How can essential workers afford preschool and daycare in the time of coronavirus? With the threat of Covid-19 still looming, parents need to know their children are safe while they are working, and they need resources to help cover the cost of excellent, safe care. This peace of mind is necessary in order for parents to focus on their work effectively.

The good news is that there is help for parents in affording daycare or preschool during this crisis! 

We are here to offer the opportunity for your child to play and learn with other children in a caring, safe environment with specific Covid-19 safety protocols.   When you see the joyful enrichment centers offered at Kid Corner, it becomes much easier to put the right situation in place for your family. Not only do we offer a whole child approach for your child, but we also offer flexible payment and attendance options to arrange the best situation for your family. We are honored to be a listed resource with CCR&R so you can enjoy our excellent care programs and take advantage of the financial help afforded by an Arizona Enrichment Scholarship.

We are excited to share the important information from DES to help with preschool and daycare expenses. It’s all fairly simple and stress-free.

How to Apply

It is a very simple and quick process to fill out the eligibility queries. The first online survey only takes a minute answering yes/no questions. Then you move on to the financial application, which only takes a few minutes more to complete (you will want to have your basic financial information available or accessible to complete the form) and it can quickly let you know if you qualify for financial assistance. 

Who Qualifies?

The department has a list of eligible job roles which you can see below, but to understand generally, those who do not have access to childcare and who are in the essential roles that keep us humming even during shutdowns or outbreaks are eligible to apply based on financial need. This includes people in healthcare roles, including medical and elder care professions, grocery workers, factory employees, caregivers, and essential government employees. These qualifications will change over time so please check the list below and apply as soon as you are able.

Here is a list of the eligible job roles:

We’re All In This Together

What a relief to know your kids can be well cared for at an amazing facility like ours here at Kids Corner Preschool. You can find us by a quick search on the Arizona Enrichment Center  database or just give us a call at either our Mesa location (480) 267-9419 or our Gilbert location (480) 267-9427 and arrange a visit. You can also visit us online at

We believe once you visit, you will know that we are the best choice for your family because we work hard to be the ideal enrichment center, preschool, or daycare for every family’s needs.

To apply for the scholarship you can visit the main site here:

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