You’ve already chosen a great community in Gilbert/Mesa. The next big decision you’ll likely make for your child’s education is choosing a Preschool. Putting your kids into an affordable preschool does not have to involve making compromises in their care and education. In fact, an affordable preschool and daycare like Kid’s Corner can be just what your family is looking for. So, what should you consider in making this choice? Consider the following factors.

The Culture

At Kid’s Corner, our culture feels like ‘family’ and not like a ‘corporate’ school. That’s how we want our own kids to be treated at school, and that’s how we welcome your kids onto our campuses — as family. By offering great meal programs, certified by the Arizona Department of Education’s Food Program, transportation to and from the school, as well as a great learning environment, we offer your kids an amazing educational experience throughout the day, with that warm, family feeling.


The total curriculum at Kid’s Corner is what really separates us from other options. Our curriculum is based on the nationally acclaimed Creative Curriculum designed to address the whole child – social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. So, from infant and toddler programs, preschool programs, and all the way through before and after school and other enrichment programs, we are there for your child all the way.


Gilbert and Mesa are great, family-oriented communities, and our campuses are situated with easy access right off of the Superstition Freeway and the 101. So, whether you live in Mesa/Gilbert or are headed through on your way to work, our two locations make it convenient for you to drop your kids off with great peace of mind, knowing they are being cared for at one of our campuses.


Kid’s Corner offers this great experience at very competitive rates. Our goal, as a family-oriented preschool and daycare, is to offer your family real value. So, contact us to learn more about our tuition, including daily options. We’ll find an option that fits your needs. Call now at 480-267-9419.