Baby Steps: Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is a series of small almost insignificant steps forward.  Each step that we’ve taken is the result of years and even decades of research.

Facts About Early Childhood Development

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In the 1990’s brain development research increased significantly, largely as a result of the development and improvement of imaging technology.  It was thought that brain development was sequential, as in the lower structures developed before the upper ones did.  However, it was found out that the brain’s structures all develop around the same time.  This is why early childhood education and learning is so vital.  It allows the capacity for even more growth and more learning.

Social, emotional, and mental development are all part of  early childhood development and the capacity to build these foundations decreases after childhood.  The human brain grows fairly quickly.  At age six, it is 95% the size of an adult brain.  With preschool, and the education a child receives there, neurons and connections are formed in the brain that will help a child to grow and develop throughout his or her life.  The proper stimulation is crucial.

Preschool and Stimulation

Stimulating pre school environments for children, particularly when they’re young help them to establish interactive relationships with their peers.  There are several forms of stimulation.  By way of example, inspiring children to work together is effective as it is a method of socialization.  Socialization is often overlooked as something that is taught, but it should never be underestimated.  This ability to develop relationships helps them throughout their lives.  A child that is isolated will have difficulty later in life with situations requiring any form of interaction or communication, which is almost all situations if you think about it.

The ability to interact with others also encourages traits proven to help people succeed later in life such as self-confidence and self-worth. So you see, finding the right daycare center and preschool is more important than you might think.


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