Affordable Daycare in Gilbert: How to Afford Daycare

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Often, the decision to put your kids into daycare is made by necessity. That doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt or sacrifice your kid’s education or growth. When it comes to finding affordable child care, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Your child’s care and development is too important to sacrifice. Let’s take a look at how you might afford daycare and how to find an affordable daycare center that’s right for your family. 

How to Afford Daycare

First of all, you may qualify for assistance through Arizona’s Department of Economic Security (DES). If you have questions about DES assistance, please give one of our campuses a call. We are a fully licensed DES center.

Other considerations to help make daycare more affordable include:

  1. You may be able to use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as provided by your employer. This is a pre-tax allotment that can help save on taxes.
  2. Military families may be eligible for help with Child Care Aware of America.
  3. Be sure to claim any and all child tax credits you may qualify for on your annual tax returns.

How much does daycare cost per month?

The costs of daycare will vary, depending on the services provided, quality, and location. However, a well-run daycare center can minimize these costs and make daycare more affordable for your family.  According to the “Parents and the High Cost of Child Care” report (PDF), the factors that go into the cost of daycare include:

  • Adult-to-child ratio
  • Group size
  • Square footage
  • Quality of facilities
  • Activities and Materials
  • Professional Development and Training

As a provider of the Creative Curriculum® in our modern facilities, Kid’s Corner has you covered! While the average, annual TOTAL cost of child care in Arizona is $10,687 (or over 12% of a family’s income), you’ll find Kid’s Corner to be a very affordable option.   

How do I find affordable daycare?

You’ll want to begin with two things in mind: what kind of daycare do you want for your child, and how much can you budget for it. Remember, something is only “expensive” if you pay too much for it. But, you also can’t outspend your budget.

Once you’ve identified your budget and the type of daycare you want for your child, then it’s time to start setting up tours. Take a tour through the campus, and know what questions to ask, including finding out about all of the costs. Some costs, like after-school care, food, and supplies might come at an additional charge (not at Kid’s Corner!).

Find Your Affordable Daycare Right Here at Kid’s Corner

Affordable daycare in Gilbert and Mesa is right here at Kid’s Corner. Our two campuses offer the quality care you need for your kids. We can also talk to you about DES assistance programs and other options.

Start with a call or a tour (Mesa or Gilbert), and see how Kid’s Corner can be part of your family’s future.

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