2021 Trends In Early Childhood Education

It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or a teacher; staying up to date on all the newest trends in early childhood education can keep you ahead of the curve and prepared when it comes to providing children with a high-quality education. A good education early in life can have positive impacts that last for several years, so knowing what the experts recommend can be very beneficial to your child. 

Below, we’ve included a list of some of the biggest trends to look out for this year. From the latest research to the pandemic, here are the trends we’re seeing in early childhood education for 2021:

Four Trends in Early Childhood Education 2021 

1. Remote Learning

No one will see the inclusion of remote learning on this list as a surprise. 2020 brought us many things, and remote learning seems like it is here to say (at least for the foreseeable future). While remote learning started out as a hectic, ad hoc process, it’s actually starting to be seen as something beneficial. Remote learning removes the barriers of traditional schooling, allowing children to attend class from anywhere. There are definitely still some kinks to work out, but with the right technology and creative lesson planning, remote learning might turn into more than just a trend. 

2. Parents Taking Greater Control Over Their Kids’ Education

The pandemic saw lots of children forced to take classes online and learn with their parents by their side (or closely monitoring their progress). Whether they wanted to or not, parents have taken a more active role in their child’s schooling, which can be hugely beneficial for students. For 2021, many parents will continue to keep tabs on what their children are learning, and we encourage them to do so! 

3. Project-Based Education

With remote learning, teachers have had to think of different ways to get students engaged and learning. Projects are great exercises for kids to do (in the classroom and remotely!) because they allow children to experience learning on an individual scale as they move at their own pace. This also means that kids will be less passive in their learning. Instead of sitting and listening to a teacher speak, they are actively using their minds to solve problems. 

4. Technology in Education 

The incorporation of technology into the classroom is going to be a huge trend in 2021. One of the most exciting ways this will happen is through data analytics. Digital tests and assignments will allow teachers to see the progress of each of their students. This also means that they will save time grading papers, and have more time to dedicate to making sure each student is performing to the best of their abilities. Technology may also be used in several other forms in 2021, like: 

  • Gamification (using games in the classroom as a method of teaching different subjects and making learning a more rewarding experience). 
  • Personalized and flexible learning, in which children can select what they would like to do for a period of time. 
  • Immersive learning experiences through the use of artificial intelligence. 

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Early childhood education is constantly changing as new research emerges and society reacts to current events. In 2021, we can be sure that this field of learning will see a lot more change. Luckily, our team at Kid’s Corner stays on top of all the latest trends. If you’re interested in having your child attend a Kid’s Corner school, contact us today and schedule a tour of one of our campuses (Gilbert or Mesa).

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