2020: Current Trends in Early Education

While the shape of classrooms have remained largely the same over the years, education – including early childhood education – has been incorporating new toys, educational styles, and types of teaching based on new technology and modern research about the best way to mold young minds. So, what are the current trends in early education?

Looking Out for Your Kid’s Future

We are already seeing the following trends and expect them to continue into 2020 and beyond:

  • More after-school programs: Not only are after-school programs a great way to keep your young ones entertained and learning all day, they also enable you to make your child’s schedule more adaptive to your own. After-school programs tend to involve more hands-on activities, great for your child’s development.
  • More technology-based learning: Watching educational videos, encouraging STEM-related skills – like robotics or programming – and even using virtual reality to take children’s learning and imagination to new levels may become more and more popular. 
  • Trauma-sensitive education: There’s an increasing focus on paying attention to young students’ mental health and how traumatic events affects their ability to learn in a traditional environment, as well as how to teach children to speak up for themselves in a constructive and emotionally healthy way.
  • More and More Testing: Assessing kids in kindergarten and elementary school will continue to expand, making the foundation built in preschool even more important.
  • Closing the Achievement Gap: Along with standardized tests, there is a focus on closing the achievement gap between different socioeconomic groups of students. At Kid’s Corner, we work with all socioeconomic groups, including low-income families to minimize that gap in our schools.
  • A Focus on Cognitive Development and the Early Brain: Understanding early brain development is essential in creating a robust, nurturing education for your child, and this trend will continue well past 2020. Educators, doctors and parents recognize that the tipping point for brain development happens around 18 months.
  • Early Literacy: It is now and will continue to be more important to ensure that your kids achieve early literacy, through learning reading, writing and math

Trends in early education in 2020 track with society in general. From technology to biology, assessments and preparation, it is important that your child’s school stays on top of these trends.

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