Current Trends In Early Childhood Education 2023

Childhood education is a field which thrives on innovation. Every year, we learn new – and better – ways of teaching the future generation, whether that be with cutting-edge technology or a new take on old-fashioned models. So what are the current trends in early childhood education in 2023? 

What Are the Future Trends In Education?

It’s no surprise that as technology expands and revolutionizes new fields, it’s set to change the way our education system looks as well. Artificial intelligence, “gamification,” hybrid learning, and more are already being implemented in classrooms across the country. And with the rapid pace of technological progress, the future of technology in early childhood education could look very different. 

But with technological trends also comes an equally-important human touch. An emphasis on mental health awareness and healthy regulation of emotions, a higher focus on spending time in nature and harnessing children’s creativity, and a renewed passion for honing social skills are also some examples of trends we can expect to see in the future of education.

Trends In Early Childhood Education 2023

  • Remote & Hybrid Learning: As the pandemic showed us, remote learning is possible – though it does come with its unique challenges. While in-person learning is critical for developing preschoolers’ social skills, it’s likely that some preschools and K-12 schools will develop a hybrid-learning method – meaning that they combine in-person learning with a mixture of online learning.
  • An Emphasis on Emotional Well-Being: Another thing we’ve learned in the wake of the pandemic is that even young children can be affected by circumstances that cause isolation, upheaval, and stress. As a result, more teachers and schools are placing an emphasis on looking out for signs of mental health distress and teaching how to healthily regulate emotions.
  • Phone & Tablet Apps: With the vast number of apps for children, it’s no wonder that some schools are choosing to add them to their curriculum. While the idea of a phone or tablet app might spring to mind something noisy and annoying, many apps have an educational focus – ranging from games that teach letters and numbers to apps that will even read books to your child. 
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is spreading far and wide, and it could even end up in the preschool classroom. While AI can obviously never replace the traditional teaching method, it can provide many benefits behind the scenes that free up time to provide a better teaching experience – for teachers and students. 
  • STEM-Focused Programs: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has been in the spotlight for a some time now in K-12 schools, but STEM-focused learning is becoming more prevalent in early childhood education as well, with several apps designed to teach children the basics of computer programming and a larger emphasis on math in preschools. 

Whether you’re a parent or an educator, it’s a good idea to keep up with current trends in early childhood education in order to make sure our children are getting the best opportunities available. 

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