Age of Preschoolers: Timing and Development


Wondering whether your child is the right age for preschool? The ages of preschoolers can vary and determining whether a child is ready for preschool depends more on the child’s development and skills than their age. The timing and development of each child will vary, and there’s no exact timetable. However, there are particular milestones you can expect at particular ages that will give you clues about whether they are ready for preschool.

Ages of Preschoolers

Generally, preschoolers are between three and five years of age. What age your child enters preschool will be determined by a multitude of factors, including your child’s skills and development level. 

What Are the Stages of Child Development Ages?

When your child is young, they undergo remarkable changes and development. Every child is different and will hit these milestones at different times. However, there are general guidelines for what age your child will hit certain milestones of development.

  • A Year Old: At a year old, your child has undergone incredible changes and development already, and will continue to do so after their first birthday. After their first year, they’ll start to toddle around adorably, and may begin to say simple words. They continue working on their fine and gross motor skills, including scribbling with crayons, using a spoon to feed themselves, and playing with blocks. 
  • Two Years Old: In their second year, your child will become more confident at walking, running, jumping, and climbing up stairs. They’ll be able to construct and understand simple sentences and instructions, and may begin to become more defiant. Two is a common time to start potty training, as children start to gain control of their bladder and bowel during this time period. Two is still too young for preschool, but your toddler may still benefit greatly from a part-time daycare service. 
  • Three Years Old: At three years old, your child will have a vocabulary of about 500-900 words, and should be able to speak clearly enough to be understood. Three year olds are getting better at putting clothes on themselves and using utensils, and their social skills improve a great deal at this age, too. Many children enter preschool at three years old, but if your child isn’t quite ready yet, don’t worry – that’s perfectly normal.
  • Four & Five Years Old: 4-5 is an excellent time to start preschool. At this age, kids are transitioning away from toddlerhood. Their motor skills are continuing to improve, and almost all are fully potty trained. Children at this age have a vocabulary of about 1,000-2,000 words and are ready to take the first steps towards learning to read. They’re ready to learn colors and days of the week, and can follow multi-step instructions. 

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